Skin Benefits of Basil Leaves:

As far as skincare is concerned, basil leaves are an excellent skin rejuvenation which have the potential to ward off skin diseases, thus providing you with a clearer and healthier skin. Whether eaten raw or applied as paste, basil leaves offer a host of benefits for your skin.

Prevention of Acne and Pimples:

Basil leaves prevent the outburst of acne and pimples as they purify your blood by removing toxins. They contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents and you can apply a paste of these leaves mixed with sandalwood paste, neem paste or rose water to prevent inflammation.

Beneficial for Facial Skin:

Rubbing dried basil leaves on your face improves your facial skin in many ways, giving it a younger and fresher appearance.

Prevention of Blackheads:

Basil leaves also prevent the appearance of blackheads.

Treatment of Skin Infections and Ringworm:

Due to their anti-bacterial, anti-bio-tic and anti-fungal properties, basil leaves can restrict the growth of bacterium like E coli and B anthracite which cause skin infections.

Treatment of Vitiligo:

Regular intake of basil leaves has the potential to cure ‘vitiligo’, a disease characterized by white patches on the skin.

Hair Benefits of Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves are equally beneficial for your hair and can help you get rid of a host of hair problems. The benefits of basil leaves for hair care are as follows.

Prevention of Hair Loss:

Hair loss is a common problem which can occur due to itchiness and sweetness of scalp. Applying Basil oil on your scalp will keep your scalp cool, reduce itchiness and promote hair growth by improving circulation in your scalp.

Treatment of Grey Hair:

Dried basil leaves powder prevents graying of hair as well as hair fall.

Strengthen the Hair Shaft:

If you are suffering from brittle hair or hair thinning, you can consider basil leaves as they are effective in strengthening the hair shaft.

Rejuvenate Hair Follicles:

Basil leaves help in rejuvenating and producing healthy hair by stimulating the hair follicles.

Prevention of Damage by Radiation:

Basil leaves have antioxidant properties. They contain the flavonoids, orienting and vicenin that protect the chromosomes and cell structures from oxidation, thus preventing cell ageing and death and providing protection against radiation damage.